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Augmenting Sustainability

Augmenting Sustainability – An Augmented Reality Tour of UF’s Campus

What is Augmenting Sustainability?

Sustainable initiatives exist across the University of Florida campus, from the green-engineered Rinker Hall to the Tail Gators gameday recycling program. While students experience these sustainable initiatives each and every day, little has been done to illustrate just how numerous these options are, and where students can find them.

This is where Augmenting Sustainability comes in:

Our augmented reality tour takes students across the University of Florida campus, where they can intersect eight sustainable Points of Interest (POIs) and learn more about what is being done to make the University of Florida a more sustainable campus. This tour is an interactive, augmented reality experience right on the student’s smartphone, connecting them digitally and informing them on the POI in front of them.

The process is simple:

Students download our augmented reality application and begin their tour at UF’s Office of Sustainability. The students “scan” the plaque in front of Tigert Hall where they are prompted with an introduction video. This video explains the details of the project, including why the University of Florida has created these initiatives and how they can help the future of our school, city and planet.


After the initial introduction video, students can then walk to their first POI, where they scan the next object and are greeted with another interactive, informational video. This process is done throughout the entire tour, then students end right where they began.