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As an evolving project, Augmenting Sustainability welcomes contributions from UF students as well as the local community. If you would like to suggest a Point of Interest (or POI) for the tour, please visit our Ideas and Suggestions page. If you are interested in contributing a POI, read the instructions below.

Contributing a POI

Points of Interest link digital content with physical places using Augmented Reality. This project focuses primarily on video content. If you are interested in contributing a video to the project, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Selecting a Location

UF’s campus and the Gainesville community have a rich history of sustainability initiatives and benefit from many parks and conservation areas.  There are many potential POI sites. Our Ideas and Suggestions page lists some options.  We are also initiating a series of “Green Star Sustainability Hotspots.”  These are businesses (e.g. restaurants) or places of residence (e.g. apartment buildings, campus residences, fraternities and sororities) that stand out as practicing and promoting sustainability.  If you select such a POI, you will give your Sustainability Hotspot one to five Green Stars for their efforts.   This provides a way to acknowledge, and reward, the pursuit of sustainability by our local providers of goods and services.

Creating Content

A POI video should be both informative and engaging.  It should also be short: 120-150 seconds in length.  Whatever POI you select, you will be conducting extensive research on its history, present uses, and current impacts to ensure that your video is instructive and up to date.  As your video will be part of an extensive walking tour,  however, do not overload the listener with too much data. Provide captivating photos, graphics and audio.   And offer suggestions as to what can be seen and heard.  Your video should help the Augmenting Sustainability participant fully experience the POI.

While there is an abundance of video editing software, we recommend Adobe Premier Pro because it is widely available at UF.  If you would like to learn know more about how to use this software, visit our Premier Pro Video Tutorial page.