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POI Tutorial

Creating a Video

Creating a video might seem intimidating, but video editing software has never been more powerful, or easy to use. While there are numerous excellent choices of software for video editing, this page provides resources for Adobe Premiere Pro because it provides a versatile and powerful option while remaining easy to use and well-supported, with thousands of tutorials available to help you work through any problem you might encounter. Plus, Adobe offers a steep discount on its Cloud Suite for UF students, and on top of that, you can access Adobe Creative Suite for free from any of UFIT’s six computer labs on campus.

If you are using a different video editor, be sure to check out the project’s Contribute page for tips on selecting a location and thinking about what to include in the video. If you are using Premiere Pro, the following resources will help guide you in the process of creating your first video.

Premier Pro Resources

There are way more video editing resources for Premiere Pro than we could reasonably list here, but the resources below will give you the following skills necessary for creating a POI video:

  • Create a Premiere Pro project.
  • Import media.
  • Create a sequence or timeline and add audio.
  • Assemble a rough cut.
  • Add a title.
  • Enhance your video with effects and transitions.
  • Export the completed video.

These beginner tutorials will get you started thinking about arranging, mixing, and editing your video content:

You can find free stock video (freely licensed for your use) here: