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Augmenting Sustainability is an evolving project using digital mapping and augmented reality (or AR) to create a tour of sustainability initiatives and hotspots on the UF campus and the greater Gainesville community. The map below shows the Points of Interest (or POIs) that compose the tour.

We are presently seeking an AR technology that is free and widely available for tour participants.  In the meantime, this digital map of the tour serves as a repository for the video augmentations embedded  at each POI.

If you would like to physically experience the tour, you may use the map below, and visit the POIs while you watch the videos. However, the videos are also accessible anywhere from a computer or handheld device.

Click the map image below (opens a new tab to the tour’s Google MyMap) to access all of the POIs with the embedded videos along the tour.

The Points of Interest

Below are the POI locations which are embedded in the map with direct links to the videos.

POI (1): Sweetwater Wetlands Park (Video Link)

POI (2): Architecture Building (Video Link)

POI (3): Rinker Hall (Video Link)

POI (4): Curia on the Drag (Video Link)

POI (5): Field & Fork Farm and Gardens (Video Link)

POI (6): J. Wayne Reitz Union (Video Link)

POI (7): Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (Video Link)

POI (8): Krishna Lunch at Plaza of the Americas (Video Link)

POI (9): Depot Park (Video Link)

POI (10): Recycling Waste Stream (Video Link)

POI (11): Bat Houses (Video Link)